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Monday, February 22, 2021

The Brain-Washed Sheep Among Us

Tonight after work, I went over to the local convenience store for a gallon of milk. I followed in a young mother and her 4-5 year old daughter. As usual, since I am a FREE CITIZEN, I did not wear a mask of oppression, but they were both wearing one. I followed them over to the dairy case, and since they were out of whatever the mother was looking for, they moved to another part of the store to get other stuff . I noticed the little girl eyeballing me as they walked by. I grabbed my gallon of milk and headed to the register. The young mom and kid were already there, so I stood back the required 6 feet. Now the kid is staring at me, and tugging on mom, repeatedly saying, "mommy... mommy... mommy..." Finally mom says, "what?" and the kid points at me and says, "that man isn't wearing a mask!" Mom kind of ignored her but the kid kept staring and pointing, even as they walked by me to leave. I made a big eyed face and pointed right back at the kid as they walked by.

It took less than a year to brainwash the young `uns into state mandated compliance. Is it much of a leap before they start turning people in? Now, where have I heard about that situation before? Oh yeah, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Cuba, the old Soviet Union, east Germany, the entire Warsaw Pact and the Balkans. Everywhere that commies and dictators run the country. I found it quite sickening, and if that was an adult, they would have left my presence in tears.

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  1. Hey Mysterious Blogger, LOL

    I see kids looking at me because I refuse to wear a mask and I just smile and wave at them. And the kids smile back. Now adults on the other hand, I have gotten snarky with. I refuse to wear a face diaper except at work because my job says I have to.


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