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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Audacy.com SUCKS!!!

Radio.com has become Audacy.com and they really suck! I have used Radio.com for a long time to listen to local talk radio that I have difficulty picking up over the air where I live. The app and website now both cut right into the middle of programming to dump in their national commercials. The few times that would happen on the old Radio.com a quick refresh would bring the program right back. Not with Audacy, you are stuck listening to their crap, they just restart the forced commercial break with fresh crap. I have used Radio.net before, but they had their problems too. I am trying it again. I don't mind commercials on the radio or online, as long as the breaks are coordinated with programming. When the radio host is in mid-sentence interviewing a guest and the break happens, I get nothing but pissed off. At least listening to national talk radio programs I can go to iHeart radio and listen uninterrupted. They seem to have the commercial thing down.

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Anonymous said...

Try this: http://radio.garden/

I just ran across it and it seems to work ok - YMMV.