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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Is It Just Me?

Or does anyone else think the Bezos brother's upcoming space adventure eerily parallels the movie "Elysium?"


Grog said...

Good thought, and yes, there are parallels, although I suspect if they want the same conditions, they might be disappointed.

SordidPanda said...

No, "Elysium" is a Marxist trope about the wealthy hoarding resources and denying them to the "poor and downtrodden."

It's the same trope as "In Time" which came out two years prior, all the time in the world artificially restricted to keep the wealthy living lives of luxury and the poor and downtrodden busy making the economy go.

Any space based infrastructure will be totally dependent on Earth, and a really horrible place to try to hoard wealth. Even if we send colonists to Mars, it won't be the wealthy setting up villas with robo servants right away. Eventually some non-planetary economic separation will have to occur, but for the first bit of it, before anything off planet can stand on its own, it'll be tied to Earth with a metaphorical umbilical cord until its developed enough.

Glypto Dropem said...

I didn't dive that deep into the marxist ideology of the movie, but you're right. The uber wealthy love and support marxism, as in they got theirs and don't want you to get yours. I saw it as people like Bezos being able to afford to play astronaut, while he looks down on the peons stuck on Earth. It is the humble beginnings of a story like Elysium.