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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Firearm News From Within Enemy Territory

Get ready America... here it comes, whether you live in a Free State or not!

A shooting in the Demon-Crap controlled shithole urban jungle known as Hartford occurred on Wednesday June 9th around 5 PM. 56 year old Sylvia Cordova was in her 1st floor apartment kitchen cooking dinner for her family, when the tribal warlords of the street lit up the neighborhood. Ms. Cordova was struck by a single bullet and died on her kitchen floor. A link to the news story can be found here.

So the fucking moron that happens to be mayor of said shithole, Luke Bronin (D) went to the Demon-Crap canned response of "GUNS ARE BAD AND MUST BE BANNED!!!" U.S. Senator Slimeball (Blumenthal), the expert on nearly everything in the known universe also chimed in with his usual bullshit and bluster. Never mind that hizzoner wanted to re-allocate $5 million dollars in police budget money for phoney-baloney, touchy-feely non-cop policing nonsense, and that the violent crime and murder spree in his city is running rampant (luckily that figure got reduced to $1 million). He is complaining that even though "assault weapons" are severely restricted in Kommiecticut, other states (meaning FREE STATES) are still letting their citizens exercise their God given rights to bear arms, and the manufacturers are FLOODING the markets (clutch those pearls tightly, now). There just aren't enough intolerable/unconstitutional acts on the books yet. What any person with common sense should realize, is the abject FAILURE of the 1994 state AW ban and the post Sandy Hook gun control enhancements to do anything but burden the non-criminal peaceable citizen. Somehow, the firearms expert that is Luke Bronin fails to realize that most handgun rounds will also penetrate the walls of wood frame buildings, and the fact that this was a rifle round was not "more dangerous." As we all know, any firearm used in such a reckless manner ignoring Cooper's Gun Safety Rules (#4 in this case) is the fault of the idiot wielding it, not the firearm itself. So this shooting, while tragic is gonna be the one to get it done? Meanwhile, nightly in Fallujah Chicago, Kabul Baltimore, or Mogadishu NYC, the sons and daughters of someone is maimed or killed nightly, and no one gives a flying fuck.


Then there's this...

CT Parole Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Leg

The link SHOULD read "CT Parole Officer Negligently Shoots Himself In The Leg." D.O.C. like LEO carry a firearm for a living, and should be* the gleaming example to the rest of us of ultimate gun safety. I can speak from experience, having caused a negligent discharge myself in 1984 or 1985, that luckily did not damage anything or injure/kill anyone. When I went to unload my Colt Gov't Model, I stupidly racked the slide BEFORE dropping the mag and placed a fresh round in the chamber. I then pulled the trigger and "SHAZAM!" the gun went BANG! I broke Cooper's Rules #1 and #3 and by dumb luck not #2 and #4. The round went harmlessly into the ground, and I refer to that incident as my "one" as in everybody gets "one." I was involved in another caused by someone else in May of 1989 that caused over $1000 in damage to my 6 month old new car. That one should have killed me or at least turned me into a paraplegic, if not for the hand of God himself miraculously deflecting that bullet. The bullet hole in the back of my drivers seat should have placed it in the lumbar region of my spine. What we think saved me was the lumbar support in the seat, deflecting the bullet down to the floor pan, where it then ricocheted back up and into the drivers door. The bullet made a huge outward pimple in the sheet metal door skin but did not penetrate it. The spent bullet was still inside the door. Luckily the window was up or that would have been shattered as well. Because the circumstances were different, that is another "one." Thank you, God.


* I refer here to the "90-7-3 rule" when it comes to LEO's and firearms. 90% of them have one firearm, their duty firearm, that they only fire during annual qualification or a use of deadly force. They do not own any firearms personally, or participate in shooting activities of any kind. I worked with a former cop who was one of these. 7% of them own their own firearms, and participate in shooting activities or hunt. They most likely have a carry permit and may carry off-duty. They may be into reloading or other ancillary firearms activities. 3% are the firearms experts. They are Range Safety Officers, Instructors for the PD and the general public, and probably engage in advanced areas like gunsmithing or firearms manufacturing. I have a friend that is now retired from the force that is one. He works as an R.S.O. and instructor at the indoor range in a large firearms retailer in the state.

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