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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Ooh...LOOK AT ME, For I Am Most Virtous!

This fucking piece of shit douchebag got in front of me on I-84 on my way home from Manchester earlier.

From my dashcam. It's a little blurry, but it says "I Denounce White Supremacy"

This vehicle was being driven by a 45-55 year old solitary white dude. Nothing but virtue signalling here to be sure. I guess he buys into the media propaganda and still thinks we are back in the old days of the KKK and American Nazi Party. Or he thinks he is in 1950's Mississippi, not 2021 Kommiecticut.

Having to state you denounce something as stupid and non-existent would be like me denouncing EE asteroids bound for Earth and have just as much effect. Does white supremacy exist? Sure, there are idiots of all kinds walking around. Is it the claimed "systemic" or institutionalized version? Not for about the last 60 years anyway.

It's not often I think of meting out violence just because. After all, I am armed all the time and follow the "armed society is a polite society" rule and get along quite well with people I disagree with. But this ass-clown needs a good beating like a dweeby worm in high school, complete with the obligatory whirly and atomic wedgie in the restroom.


wendybar said...

I know that area. I am originally from East Windsor...then East Hartford. I now live in Liberalland New Jersey. White Liberals have no clue how dumb they are.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Mysterious Blogger;

As we say in the south

"Bless his heart......."

Anonymous said...

Yes....too bad we can't have a james bond q tricked out auto with a flammenwerfer to light up his day....

Chris said...

Love to see that asshole drive thru watts, harlem, trenton at 2am on a fri or sat.
What a Fag