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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Reflection On Last Night's Post

It occurred to me this morning that yesterday's poker run was another event to benefit the victims of a motorcycle accident, though this one wasn't fatal. This one I wrote about in May was. More recently, off-duty South Windsor police officer Ben Lovett, 25 was killed riding his motorcycle by a drunken piece of shit in Tolland. Kid had his whole life ahead of him, and ironically was about to receive an award from M.A.D.D. for his efforts combatting drunk driving with SWPD. Then there was this one in May not too far from where I live. John Wade of Dayville, CT was killed and his passenger critically injured when a car quickly turned left in front of them to get into Cumberland Farms. Then there was the huge blow to the biker community when 7 riders of a USMC motorcycle club were killed at once in New Hampshire in 2019. The druggie driver of the truck didn't think he was impaired at the time. I am sure he is in some type of protective custody, because there is sure to be a bounty on his head.

For Christ's sake people.... pay some fucking attention while you're driving! Motorcycles have been on the road as long as cars... well over a 120 years. The excuse of "I didn't see him" is all on you. "The Beast" is equipped with brilliant LED lighting all around. My headlights are properly aimed but I drive with my high beams on during the day, so it is like looking at the sun. Even so, I had a six wheel box truck start to pull out in front of me, but he stopped in time and I was ready for him. Off the throttle and ready on the brakes. IMHO, being shit-faced behind the wheel and taking one of us out should result in summary execution at the accident scene. Hit me regardless of reason and they'd better kill or incapacitate me, or I will crawl to where they are and choke the life out of them with my bare hands. I'll be sure to pull my helmet off first so they can see my face and the murderous rage in my eyes.


  1. My brother died on a Florida highway, when an older woman didn't look to the left, and continued talking to her friend in the front seat. Who knows what she was thinking, but my brother t-boned her driver's side, and his helmet didn't offer any protection.

    In the past, I tooled with the thought of another motorcycle. Now? Never again. Too many people don't care, or are ignorant. Even a small wreck would hurt my old body much worse than when I was young.

  2. @Jess: Sorry for the loss of your brother. I always try to ride as though I were invisible, but as defensively as I ride, I know that crippling injury or death can come from the opposite lane or behind in an instant from a drunk or distracted driver. That said, I love riding more than I worry about the risks. I mean after all, I am a firefighter so just going to work for me is risky business.

  3. Hey Mysterious Blogger;

    I have had some close calls and have actually put my bike down in the parking lot 2 times because of asshole 4 wheelers not paying attention, better to put the bike down then plow into their car. It has gotten much worse the past couple of years, I keep thinking that the unpleasantness with the election has made things worse, especially for us that ride "Cruisers", for we fit a certain demographic and I believe that we are targeted. "White dude on a Harley, Trump Supporter....Fuck him..." Yes I have seen it. It is so bad that I don't ride to work anymore, I ride south of where I live to more of the "Red" areas if you know what I mean. It is sad that I have to do that. Keep on 2 wheelin.

  4. @MrGarabaldi: I haven't heard of such a "targeting" phenomona of bikers in New England. However, I can think of two reasons why not. First and foremost; bikers of any flavor around here are well known not to be trifled with and are most likely armed (like yours truly). Secondly, being a biker, much like being a firearms owner crosses the political spectrum. There are a lot of hardcore union democrat types that ride side by side with conservative republicans and politics is never discussed. It is all about riding and good times, and to borrowfrom Q-Anon "WWG1WGA"

  5. Bounced off a left-turning pickup in 2008, 40mph to 0 to? in the opposite direction. Kept my leg, less components; gained a steel plate, screws, & a serious attitude toward idiot drivers. Yes, of course I still ride. Good safety gear helped a LOT--helmet, armored jacket & gloves, long pants, boots, willpower.
    --Tennessee Budd


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