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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Update - Post Hurricane Henri'

For me in my specific location, it was a big nothing burger. I like to use "Murphy's Law" to my advantage. 😏 I'll make all kinds of detailed and elaborate storm preparations and end up just putting everything away. If I didn't, then I would be one of those idiots scrambling last minute at the height of a storm. Because of the long duration of the two passes the storm made I did not go on my road trip. I was not going to head down this morning for 3 days at the resort to turn around and come home Saturday. Wifey is pissed at me because I did not head down to meet them all in Virginia. Well, first off, I was not going to leave a house/animal sitter in charge of keeping my house running, my generator properly fueled, and the electrical load properly balanced. Then there is the problem I had in July with T.S. Elsa and the flooding in the lower area of my yard (that has never occurred in 16 years) that blew out the fence in the dog yard. The runoff swept all the forest floor debris against the fence, which acted as a dam creating a wall of water a few feet high that just snapped the wire fence wide open. I didn't notice it at first and thankfully did not just open the door and let the dogs out until I was able to make temporary repairs. Thankfully none of this even came close to happening this time.

The second thing was not having two vehicles in Virginia. I told my wife to suck it up and ride down with her brother. He has the largest Ford F-150 crew cab with plenty of room for 5 adults. If she did and the storm petered out, I would head down and then she and her other brother would ride back with me. Instead she chose to drive all the way down. That would make an already expensive vacation (no paid time off for me, paying the sitter, and all the gas for my truck) stupid expensive for doubling up on gas. Fuck it. Not only am I working my normal workdays, I picked up Friday too since she isn't here. She thinks I am just being a dick I guess, but I am truly disappointed in not being able to go. It is my sense of duty that makes me stay to take care of my own homestead. I'll see if we can get away for a long weekend in the near future to help her get over being pissed off.

Since the weather is supposed to be mostly sunny, cooler, and less humid Saturday and she will be not home until the evening, it will be a motorcycle day. I haven't been out for a couple of weeks. I'll throw out some feelers to other riders to see wazzup.

As a side note; now that the Pfizer jab has full FDA approval (cough-BULLSHIT-cough) and is no longer experimental, does that mean anyone getting their jab now can sue them for adverse effects? What about retroactively to December 2020 when it first came out? Are the "shall not be held liable" forms signed by compliant sheeple still valid? I am not familiar with the exact verbiage and whether it could expire upon approval. Asking all this for a friend.

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