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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Huge "Unauthorized" Motorcyle Rally In New Haven

I hope they bring that shithole city TO IT'S FUCKING KNEES!!! And that will happen without causing the destruction like BLM and ANTIFA does, but simply the big crowds on... gasp... MOTORCYCLES!


The organizers have tried for months to get the permits required, but the city just jerked them around. So, the organizers have given a giant middle finger to the city and will hold it anyway. As a gesture of goodwill to the city, the organizers did decide to not hold it on Labor Day weekend like last year.

I will not be attending, but as a 1st Amendment supporter of the freedom to assemble, I will be there in spirit. Saturday, weather depending, I plan on doing a poker run to benefit the CCDL. If the rain doesn't get out of here fast enough, I will be power-washing the back of my house instead.


MrGarabaldi said...

hey Glypto;

The city hoped the bureaucracy would wear them down...remember we work for them, that is what they believe. It is good that the organizers are giving the "middle finger" to the city. Now if it was BLM or antifa, the city would fall over themselves to accommodate those clowns homing that they don't tear up much of the city.

Kris said...


But making them spend money, resources, time, THINKING Something is coming.
Now that, is smart.

That, is what we should be doing