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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Want a good written explanation about personal Liberty as applied to the "Not-A-Vaxx?" I came across a piece that lays out why you may think the way you do when it comes to government telling you what to do. Especially when it comes to things like the mandatory jab. The bullet points are:


  1.  My body is mine.  What goes into it, or not into it, is my business and mine alone.
  2. What I have or have not put in it is also no one’s business.
  3. What ever I claim for myself, I must rationally and morally accept when anyone makes the same claim.
  4. I should stand in solidarity with anyone in jeopardy for claiming these liberties in some way to the best of my abilities.

Therefore, Declarations Concerning Covid Related Policies

  1.  I will not tell any governing personnel or business what I have or have not put in my body.  Even if I’ve been ‘vaccinated’, I stand in solidarity with all those who have not, will not or cannot provide documentation or affirmation about that status for any reason.  That is a liberty I will not give away and I will stand beside all those who are victims of such coercive aggression.
  2. I will not submit to any testing until I believe it is medically prudent for myself.  I will not give the results to anyone that I don’t choose to based on my own ethics and choices while considering others I’ve been in contact with.
  3. I will not apply for any medical exemption for anything.  I don’t accept that I need to ask permission in these matters from anyone and I stand in solidarity with those who cannot get such an indulgence from those in power.  They shouldn’t need one either.
  4. I will not apply for or claim any religious exemption.  My status in that regard is my business alone.  Whether my claim for my liberty is religious to me or not is irrelevant.  I will not justify my liberty by my or anyone’s religion.  I just claim it.  It is self-evident and unalienable.
  5. I will not falsify documentation or affirmation of my medical status to evade mandates.  I stand with all those who cannot or would not comply whether any or all of us could evade such mandates. I will not leave behind those who cannot or would not evade them by evading them myself.


I'll take this even farther as applied to organ donation after hearing Walter E. Williams talk about it while guest hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show. I believe my body is the ultimate item of private personal property. A test of personal property is whether you can sell it or any part of it. Everyone involved in an organ donation makes money on the transplant... except the donor or their estate. Current law prohibits the selling of human organs. But... the recipient receives a new functioning organ. The entire medical and support staff that removes the organ and the entire medical and support staff that implants the organ are paid their salaries. The courier that hands the organ in the cooler to the hospital staff, the pilot and air courier staff all get paid. The guy that fuels the courier vehicle or ambulance and the airplane gets paid. The hospital cafeteria workers get paid for feeding the hospital staff. See what I'm saying... lots of money changes hands excluding the donor or their estate. Therefore, until the laws are changed, I am NOT a designated organ donor. My surviving wife could certainly override my wishes if she's right there when I cash in while lying in a hospital bed. But without the "DONOR" designation on my drivers license, the chances of my organs being preserved for donation are slim to none. I am a motorcyclist and a firefighter after all. If recipients are prevented from paying me for a spare organ, blood, plasma, or bone marrow while alive, or all of it when I'm dead, then I'll just take them with me into the cremation furnace, thanks.

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Why? BFYTW  H/T to fellow blogger Phil at Bustednuckles


  1. Well said. Thank you.

  2. Having willingly donated a kidney, I will donate the remaining usable organs when it's time. It was never about money, even though 'they' have tried to pay me back over the years. It was about helping a fellow human being. That, above all, is why I did it. I went into it unafraid, knowing best case I'd be helping 1 person...worst case, lots more.
    Coming up on 10yrs June 5th 2022.
    Not looking to change your mind, but some things are beyond money.
    One gun guy to another...you might recognize her husband, DC Dick Heller of DC vs. Heller.

  3. @millerized: My point is if donors or their estates could make something off the ultimate piece of private property, there would be a lot more organs available for transplant.

  4. Again, you want it to come back to fiscal gain.
    You really don't want it to become legal to sell Dad's or Grandpa's kidney...or maybe you do. That's probably the reason they're not legal for sale here.

    1. How about this... you want to give yours away, have at it. I will not unless it was to save an immediate family member. You obviously have no problem with government controlling your ultimate piece of private property. So if you think it's all about money, you're right in a way. It is my reality because God knows, I sure could use some!

  5. How do you know your shit doesn't get harvested anyway?

    Ever heard of any grieving family members checking up on it? Me neither.

    1. @ghostsniper: Nope, that would be a new one on me. Over the years, there have been cut-rate funeral homes in Kommiecticut doing illegal stuff, like not burying the dead but piling them up in storage and taking peoples money. Viable organ harvesting would require a medical staff for removal and preservation. Not quite in the abilities of funeral home personnel, but I suppose anything is possible.


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