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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Who's Hitler Now... Hmmmm?

Kommiecticut Governor "Jolly" Ned Lamont, that's who.

The self-appointed king of Kommiecticut "Jolly" Ned Lamont says this shit with impunity



And both parties of the establishment are apoplectic, because Republican State Rep. Anne Dauphinais has had enough of dictatorial rule in Kommiecticut, and doubled-down on her statements. The pearl clutching, and wailing and gnashing of teeth by all those that were silent when the Hitler and Nazi terms were casually thrown around for the previous four years is not surprising. “King Lamont aka Hitler dictating what we must inject into our bodies to feed our family!” Dauphinais wrote in a reply late Thursday to a Facebook post. Kommiecticut has lived under single party rule for decades prompting this “Hitler too was a dictator enabled by the rule of the single Nazi party.”You know you hit them in a sensitive spot when they go after you personally instead of trying to refute your statements.

This one woman has MORE BALLS THAN ANYONE in the entire state government... COMBINED! I hope she never apologizes, and wish she were my state rep.


WWilson said...

I quit nascar when they took a knee because a halfrican said the garage door pull rope was a noose.

Chris said...

Wwilson-spot on brother!!!
Nascar done went woke

Bye bye Wokecar

Mike-SMO said...

Funny how "Hitler"is always the focus instead of the mass murderers Joe Stalin or MaoTse Tung. On that scale, Adolf was pretty small potatoes. And both of those targeted their own people, before they branched out. Adolf made a lot of points about that.

Glypto Dropem said...

Yeah, and Hitler actually hated the communists. When it comes ro raw numbers of killing people he was a piker compared to Stalin and Mao. Killing in the name of communism be sure to add in Castro, The Kim family, Pol Pot, and Chavez.