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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Addendum To Previous Post

In every news story today about Sandy Hook, they tell us there was 26 victims, or they tell us it was 20 students and 6 educators that died. WRONG! There were 28 victims that day. The first victim was the shooter's mother, Nancy Lanza, who also happened to own the firearms that were STOLEN WHEN HER SON (Adam, the shooter) MURDERED HER. The final victim that day was Adam when he took his own life at the end.

If you are an anti-gun hoplophobe or SJW snowflake, you are not gonna like what follows:

I hold the State of Connecticut wholly responsible for that mass murder in a *GFDZ. Nancy Lanza pleaded for help with her mentally deficient son but was turned away or ignored. Their lack of support services for someone like Adam contributed directly to Nancy trying to help her son as best she could on her own. Unfortunately using firearms and time at the range was not a good idea and didn't work out so well. 

Only counting the 26 "innocent" victims tugs at the ol' heart strings, and attempts to garner emotional support for more intolerable/unconstitutional acts. Those acts, as well as subsequent ones have been mostly ignored with an estimated 85% armed civil disobedience of non-compliance.


*GFDZ - Gun Free Death Zone

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  1. Gun control: If there's a gun around, I want to be the one controlling it.


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