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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Keep Pickin' That Scab

The local news across the state is making a big deal about the ninth anniversary of Sandy Hook, in order to help push for more Second Amendment infringements.

I always call today FIREARMS APPRECIATION DAY and encourage the purchase of a new firearm on this day. In Kommiecticut, the state keeps a copy of every papered transaction (that's why there is an underground cash gun economy). Forcing them to file gun transfer paperwork with today's date is a finger poke in their fucking eye.

I purchased a gently used Ruger GP-161 in .357 Magnum on this date a few years back. A GP-161 is a blued GP-100 with the 6 inch full lug barrel, and is a pretty large revolver. Accurate and shoots great since I polished the trigger. There is nothing I currently desire, nor do I have spare cash for a new firearm, so I will unfortunately be sitting this one out.

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