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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Just About Over It

The first illness of any kind since having the Chi-Com Xi Flu in early March of 2020. A simple common cold, I felt it coming this past Monday morning. Sniffling and sneezing by that afternoon, hacking and coughing by bedtime. No hint of fever checked every few hours with my Exogen temporal scanner. Negative indications from my on-body virus scanner (a wart on my knee that temporarily disappears every time I have a virus). According to the medical and political tyrants, I should be a good little obedient peasant and run out for a Chi-Com Xi Flu test. FUCK OFF! Whether it is just a cold or the Moronic variant matters not, and I will not be a statistic in their panic porn theater. I have been taking Tylenol Sinus + Headache to relieve congestion and keep my head clear. Mucus discharge is clear, so no real infection. The cough only occurs when I lie down. I wear an N95 mask in the boo-boo bus and I am definitely on the downside of it.

Yesterday we transported a double jabbed patient sick with fever that tested COVID+ at the ER. Trust me, if this particular patient that is well known to us, with their medical history (at least 7 serious chronic comorbidities) does not die, the current variant is a giant nothing burger as I have suspected all along.

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  1. Get well soon. Chicken soup and vit c and sleep.


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