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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

My Solution Is Purposely Hideous

"The people in our Governments, who pushed this wickedness, with the weight of law, must die – and they must die so slowly and in such indescribable agony that, in one-thousand years time, humanity will speak in hushed tones and usher the young outside when detailing it."

- Wes Rhinier

I say we research every form of horrible, cruel and painful death, all the way back to biblical times. Use each one in turn, bringing these scum to the brink of death and then nursing them back to health without pain relief, only to impart the next method the same way. When their body won't take much more, use one of the methods that always ends in death, like say... impaling. To make the process last longer, alternate the evil-doers with their parents, wives, and children. And have those not being sliced open or burned, watch the others so everyone of them will be shining examples of how not to act against their fellow man for thousands of years in the future.


  1. The ratio of people to methods seems to be adequate for several years of that, given your outline.

  2. Why stop at the bible?
    Ancient people and cuktures were far more advanced than given credit. Often technological inventions were simply missing, as they hadn't been invented yet.
    Imagine what the Aztecs could have done with their sacrifices if they had piano wire and hydrochloric acid?
    No sense excluding them from the plans, that would be bigoted and racist of you!

  3. A very slow, measured feed into a wood chipper, feet first, would serve as a dandy warning to future wannabe despots.

  4. Whatever the method, be sure and televise so that everyone understands what happens when these kinds of crimes are perpetrated. Putting it on the monitors in the airports instead of CNN seems like a good idea. Large billboards with still images and very clear messaging would be great too.


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