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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Oh The Irony

Over Christmas, I was excluded from two gatherings (one was family and one was friends) because of my jab-free status. I figured so be it, their loss, I will happily remain a pure blood.

Now I don't love these people any less for being excluded, but I am going to engage in a bit of schadenfreude here. I just found out that our friends, that had family in from out of state and were all fully jabbed are right now self-quarantining. They were all exposed to a family member from another household that has tested positive for the Chi-Com Xi Flu. It was very hard to not just burst out in loud obnoxious laughter at this development, but my wife would have been really pissed at me. This will have to suffice.


Our friends have a brand new grandchild, and a big deal was being made about coming to see the baby... until they realized I was jab free. My exclusion was supposed to be to keep the baby safe, but as we all know babies and young children are basically unaffected by Chi-Com Xi Flu but I wasn't going to argue the point. I was more than happy to stay home and stream a movie.

Up until 2019, we threw a big New Year's Eve shindig at our place, anywhere from 12 to 25 people and I made lots of great food, usually a surf-n-turf. Last year only the couple this post was about came, and this year it will be no one. We are back to the pre-1996 era where we didn't bother celebrating New Years. That changed when we had our first full year exchange student from Romania, where New Years was a bigger deal than Christmas. Because of her, we had celebrated every year since. Oh well... maybe more people will be done with this BKT* by January 1st 2023, and we can go back to having our party.

BKT* Bullshit Kabuki Theater


Anonymous said...

You, me and the rest of the world will be lucky to be alive and able to celebrate 1/1/2023

polimath said...

Yep, I hear ya, I was the only one pure blood and by all "laws " I would have had to leave my own house. Ha, Ha.
Others 2x jabbed sick with "something" stayed away, I wonder what it could possibly be??
Any way I'll raise a glass across the distance of the inter-web, and we can salut'e.

DrJones said...

Diet and exercise, son