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Monday, December 6, 2021

Warren Wilhelm CAN SUCK IT!

Comrade Warren Wilhelm (aka NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio) has released his latest tyrannical diktat that all private companies in that shithole must have all their employees get jabbed. 


A question: if I live in Kommiecticut but work for a large company headquartered in NYC, and my operations office is in Hartford, would I be mandated to get jabbed? Sounds like an overreach of authority to me.

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  1. Odd that all the vaccination requirements are for productive employees, while Illegal Aliens and "Welfare Queens" are exempt. Almost like they are trying to disable or eliminate a certain class of people. The condition of New York City, as shown in the movie "Escape From New York" may be the new reality since there is less and less reason for productive people or businesses to stay in that Hellhole.


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