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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Conspiracy Theory Becomes A Caution

The other day, I read a blog post or an article from a source I don't remember. The subject was one of the dumbest things I've ever read, and does nothing to help the position of those of us against the phoney baloney jabs. Perhaps it was a psy-op meant to be deceitful, who knows. The jist of it was that jabbed people were injected with micro electronics and are now active bluetooth devices and show up on your smart phone looking for a pairing connection. The article then spun this tale about being remote controlled yada-yada-yada... a bunch of nonsense. I was sitting near people that I know have been jabbed so I checked my own phone. Unless I am actively using bluetooth it is turned off on my phone. Sure enough, when I turned on my bluetooth, several MAC adresses showed up as available to pair. But it wasn't the individuals that were broadcasting pairing invitations, it was their devices. Three cell phones, a tablet, and a laptop, all verified as to which MAC address went where and all were accounted for. This article/post was total tin foil hat nonsense because everyone has their devices near or on them and that's what you see.

All that being said, I recommend you do the same as I and turn off bluetooth completely on all capable devices unless you are actively pairing with another device. Tyrants love to use their Chi-Com Xi Flu "contact tracing" via bluetooth to "keep you safe" by tracking your movements. I say FUCK 'EM, don't give them any assistance what so ever.

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