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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Sitting In The E.R. Waiting Room - ARMED!

I am sitting in a hospital E.R. waiting room while my wife seeks treatment for multiple dog bites on both hands. This occurred at work where she is a dog trainer. She was brought here by one of her co-workers, and I didn't know where she was until after I got off shift and home. I took care of the one dog at the house and headed for the hospital. Of course because of COOOOVIIIIDDDD! I can't be with her, so here I wait, wearing my N95 face diaper under my nose and breathing freely. A few other people are wearing theirs the same way. What a fuckin' joke.

I am glad I strapped on the 45 Shield and two spare mags. The hospital, like most is in a shitty urban area. The doors just open when someone goes in or out and there is no security in the waiting room. If some nut were to burst in here with a weapon, he would normally be able to maim or kill everyone in this room unimpeded. But not tonight. I am sitting in the back of the room, back to the wall and facing the door. Unlike the hospitals I usually transport to, this one does not have any signs designating it a GFDZ*. Not that those signs ever matter to me, but normally I only really need to carry to go to and from the parking lots. Here, even inside, I would be a sitting duck.

So Wifey just texted me. She is headed to X-Ray and then getting sutured up. I will text her to make sure she gets a DPT shot since I am pretty sure she is out of date. She says it hurts like hell and that she is pretty hungry since she hasn't had supper.

*GFDZ: Gun Free Death Zone


  1. ouch!
    I happened between two of our male dogs having a discussion regarding who was alpha and received a bite to the back of the hand that dropped me to the floor. 3 days later, I left the hospital after 3 different antibiotics were tried to fight off the infection.

  2. I'm in Piedmont NC , there are two good sized hospitals here .
    My job has me subject to rando piss testing and we have no choice on which one they send us to when our # is " randomly selected " by BIG Bro
    Anyway , this place they send us to you've gotta enter through the ER ,
    What a fuckin sight , every chair is in use , they're lying on the floor on blankets , some standing against the walls around the room .
    These aren't White folks or blacks , they're ALL some type of south of the border invaders , here to collect their free med Gibs .
    This is strait up third world shit hole stuff .
    " masks " ? no problem THIS time , you don't even want to breath the same air it's so foul . Sick of this shit.. and , the bastards who enable it .

  3. All the ERs here make you go through a metal detector, and have for a dozen years. It isnt a high crime area. Bastards confiscated my little two blade keychain 1.5" swiss army knife, if you can believe it.


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