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Monday, January 17, 2022

If You Think It Doesn't Affect You

The whole defund the police movement that is, you could be quite wrong. Yesterday I was in my final class to renew my EMT license, designated NCCP Part C and the topic was "EMT Safety." A discussion ensued about dealing with criminals, psych cases, or otherwise unruly patients. There were several area cops in the class, so we got the LEO perspective. HOLY SHIT... have they been hobbled, and that has put me in a precarious position I didn't realize. In my area of operation, we always stage for the state police, and only go in to the scene when state police give the all clear. As part of that "safe to proceed in" was patting down the patient for weapons, needles, or anything else dangerous. It dawned on me that the last couple of these types of calls, I had to "remind" troopers to do a pat down, thinking it was because of brand new troopers, or new to the area. Nope... LEO in Kommiecticut are no longer allowed to do a pat down on first contact unless they are actually doing an arrest. Those cops in my class made it sound like in certain circumstances, they can get into trouble just for asking for consent for a search. According to those LEO's, they only have the legislative diktat to operate under, since there is no case law refining the rules yet.

We will be doing department EMS training this week, and I will be sure to inform fellow members of this development, that scene safety with these patients isn't what it used to be.


  1. Hey Glypto;

    To certain politicians, they cater to certain types of people and they want to protect their "Constituants" or they are filled with the "Rainbow of theories" from their schools that have no basis in realities and also keep in mind that the same politicians, the same rules they pass, they are not affected, only we are.

  2. Stop.
    Stop servicing the client until you are guaranteed safety. Fuck the atate, let the dindu's family sue for nwgligence and make millions in settlement. Teach these fcking slimy politicians its cheaper to grow a spine.


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