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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Make Transgenders Mentally Ill Again

Remember life when this was considered mental illness and abnormal? With very little exception, men were men, and women were women. No one would dare use such a ruse for special privileges, like competing in women's sports as a champion, or getting in female restrooms to commit sexual assault. Except....

From the TV show M*A*S*H.  Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger on guard duty


Can you imagine seeing that on guard duty? I'd piss myself laughing.

For those too young to remember the show, or are unfamiliar with it, M*A*S*H was about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean war. Corporal Klinger wanted out of the Army, so he was trying to get out by way of a "Section 8" psychiatric discharge, because what is OK now was once severe mental illness. He wore dresses all the time saying he was really a woman. This was funny on so many levels, and because his antics were not taken seriously by anyone, he never got his discharge, but he kept it up for a few seasons anyway. The character had a huge wardrobe and ordered all the latest fashions with accessories. I remember an episode where he showed up in formation wearing a frilly flowered ladies hat. When asked why he would wear such a thing he answered, "It's Spring, SIR!" Even funnier, was the fact that Jamie Farr is a very hairy man of Lebanese descent, which just added to the sight gag of it all. Eventually his character stopped wearing dresses after being informed by his Commanding Officer, Col. Sherman T. Potter (played by actor Harry Morgan) how actually getting a Section 8 would adversely affect his life after the Army. He wore the standard OD green utility uniform from then on.

I heard an audio clip on the afternoon local talk show of Michael Phelps stuttering and stammering a non-answer answer when asked about the freak show occurring with the UPenn Women's Swim Team. He said a whole lot of nothing in the clip, understandably to protect his millions in endorsements from woke corporations. Since I don't have any such riches or positions to protect and write under a pseudonym, I will help out Michael Phelps (who is no stranger to mental illness himself) because I can not be cancelled by stating the following:

Protect women's sports...

Transgenderism IS MENTAL ILLNESS!!


Jess said...

Considering the small minority of people that actually have the affliction, it shows a tremendous amount of ignorance for society to pander to those with the mental disorder. People with the problem need help, not a television show.

greggBC said...

IN the show Klinger never said that he was a woman. He was trying to be diagonised as unfit for military duty. But never on the show did his character ever claim to be female.

Glypto Dropem said...

I haven't watched it in a long time, so my memory isn't that clear. But whether he actually stated it or not, it was certainly implied that he was fucked in the head.

Anonymous said...

greggBC is correct. I watched it as a kid, & Klinger would talk about his uncles & other relatives who got a Section 8, & their favorite outfit. Klinger was actually good at this job, he just didn't want to be in the Army--and also, he had a family tradition to uphold.
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

I remember when this all started being a thing, I was talking with a friend who happens to have a psych degree: if your daughter came to you and said "I'm a cat!", would you buy her a litter box? In the professional world, its a dissociative disorder, but shhhh.... don't say that out loud.

JamesD said...

Amen brother - it is a mental illness. But, now I think you got folks doing it for attention as well.