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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Market Will Determine Their Existence

Smart Guns Finally Arriving in U.S., Seeking To Shake Up Firearms Market

They will ONLY be marginally successful with government mandates and/or taxpayer funded subsidies. Let's see how many military units and police departments jump on board for these pieces of shit. My guess is none will. Smith & Wesson learned a hard lesson by being boycotted for working on this concept in 1999, so hopefully all manufacturers will learn from that lesson and stay away from such stupidity.

As for me... yeah, no thanks. I'll stick with a gun that reliably goes bang when I pull a mechanical trigger. Especially if my life is on the line. There are hundreds of millions of firearms out there, so there will never be a need to purchase a smart gun. Last week they were talking about putting "kill switches" in future new cars. Who doesn't think they would be able to do the same with smart guns? Imagine entire areas flooded with smart gun jammer signals, because GUNS BAD! All my firearms are already absolutely safe, providing anyone handling them observes the Four Rules of Gun Safety. 


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Glypto"

I recall a line in Star Trek IV When Scotty disabled the Excelsior " The more they complicate the plumbing, the easier it is to gum up the works" so the Enterprise can escape. Same principle applies here. Can you see a big city cop using one of those smart guns in Chicago or New York and the bad guys have already figured out how to disabled those things and the cops go to use them and instead of it going "Bang, Bang" like a glock would that they had to turn in, it goes "Access Denied" and the cop gets plugged by the bad guy, and this continues how bad you think it will get with the cops then?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha…Smart Gun.
Ain’t no such thing…
Nor will there ever be.

What is a Fact.
Its a gun with a electronic lock.

Not in this house.

Anonymous said...

Smart phones for dumb people; now smart guns?
Criminals rejoice!