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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Another Conspiracy Theory To Come True?

OOPS! Accidentally dropped this post too early. It's up for good now.


Early on in the jab roll out, when I saw the immunity from lawsuits and prosecution given to all involved in every step of jab distribution excluding the recipient, I had a thought. Those willing to roll up their sleeves had to sign away their rights because they were not receiving a tested and licensed vaccine, they were (and still are) voluntarily receiving an experimental medical procedure. I wondered; what if they die, the cause of death is complications from the jab(s), and their life insurance company determines they did this to themselves causing their own death, akin to suicide? Well, stories swirl around the internet about the possibilities and unconfirmed reports that it happened. Of course, the "fact checkers" (meaning deputy ministers of state propaganda) are currently reporting that all as false. But as we've seen with many other facets of the Chi-Com Xi Flu dem-panic, things pooh-poohed as conspiracy theory and "fact checked" as false, turns out to be TRUTH!

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  1. I wondered the same thing.

    Regardless of opinion, or any effort by politicians, either insurance companies are allowed to prevent bankruptcy, or anyone with a policy with a company in bankruptcy will find it hard to collect on a policy.


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