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Monday, July 11, 2022

DMV Nightmare

I hold a current Class B CDL, and have ever since the early `90's when Kommiecticut finally decided to get on board with the rest of the country. I previously held a state Class II, which meant an easy conversion to CDL B with a written test and $10 fee. It was during this conversion, that the state DMV, without even a learners permit or driving test, accidentally added the "M" motorcycle endorsement. I had ridden motorcycles without a license for years, and actually attempted to get it twice before. Unfortunately both times, the dude whose bike I was going to use to take my test was no longer around and the learners permit expired. 

I received the following notice in late May, but misplaced it in a pile of papers. I found it as the expiration date approached and Saturday the 9th was the only day I could get to DMV. You see, when the DMV started letting you do transactions on-line, they cut back their hours. They used to have a late day on Thursday, being open until 8 PM, but not any more. Someone like me that works 6 AM to 6 PM every weekday, means I am screwed and can only go on a Saturday.  In Kommiecticut, if you are a AAA member and have a standard drivers license you can renew at the local AAA office. Not if you have a CDL... as the notice says; "YOU MUST APPEAR IN PERSON" and "** YOU MUST GO TO DMV OFFICE TO RENEW **"

DMV license renewal, personal info redacted

Okay, so I made the following plans for Saturday: the weather will be beautiful so I am taking my bike. First, go to DMV and be there when they open. The process is simply to verify my records are in order, take a picture, and pay the fee. Done in 5 minutes and I don't even get the new license, they mail it to you. Next, go grab breakfast somewhere close by the DMV office. A quick trip to get some essentials at Wally World, and then go do a Patriot Guard mission in the next town over. It was a cemetery flag line only; no funeral home, procession escorts, or church service. I'd be home by 12:30.... HA!

Imagine playing a baseball game against state government. It is the bottom of the sixth inning and they are up by one run. Before anyone takes the field to start the seventh, they get the umpire to change the rules, call the game, and declare them the winner. That's kinda what happened here. Apparently, the Kommiecticut DMV is still operating under Chi-Com Xi Flu lock-down rules. You need to make an appointment ahead of time for everything. Unless I am blind, NOWHERE on this notice does it say such a thing, just that I have to appear in person (notice the language sounds eerily familiar to a criminal court summons). We were lined up outside waiting for the door to open, not a very big line. When I got to the door, the hefty bull-dyke DMV cop (she was actually very nice and helpful) asks to see my appointment confirmation. When I tell her I don't have one and nothing told me I needed one, she says she is sorry but I can not proceed in, and then assisted me in going to the DMV website on my phone to try and get a later morning appointment. I request earliest available appointment at the Willimantic office, and it tells me late afternoon Tuesday July 12th. SHIT! As the notice states at the bottom. a $25 fee will be charged for renewing late, no grace period, and I can't take that hit. She suggests trying the next closest office in Norwich. I try the same appointment request and BINGO! there is one available at 10:40. Unfortunately, that blows the Patriot Guard mission which takes place at the same time. I hop on the bike and head for Norwich.

Because it was a little after 8 AM when I hit the road, I decided to go to the McDonald's just across from DMV. The only thing I ever get at Mickey D's is breakfast, specifically the #5, a bacon-egg-cheese McGriddle with a hash brown and medium black coffee combo. I ate it inside the dining room, hit the restroom and saddled up to head to Norwich.

I next went to Wally World before the DMV since there was one in Norwich across RT. 82 from the DMV office and I had plenty of time before my appointment. I got my purchases quickly and moved my bike to the far end of the parking lot where there was a large shady area. I hung out for the next 50 minutes in the shade listening to tunes on the bike. At 10:30 I saddled up and drove the mile or so to DMV. I walked in, showed my confirmation on my phone, and had a seat. I waited about 5 minutes before I got called to the window. The office is still set up for Chi-Com Xi Flu lock-down with decals on the floor, separated chairs, and Plexiglas guards everywhere. Great... the window I get called to is staffed by the only dope in the whole place wearing a fucking face diaper behind her Plexiglas bubble. I can't hear a fucking thing she mumbles so every time I make her say it again... LOUDER! sometimes twice. The transaction went exactly as planned and lasted 5 minutes. I was out of there with a paper copy of my new license to carry as a temporary until the permanent card arrives.

On the way back I stopped to get gas at a station that has the lowest prices in the area. $4.16 per gallon, still $2 too high (FUCK JOE BIDEN!). I spot an opening and weave my bike through the cars at the pumps. Unfortunately, an older couple was coming around the island as I threw down the kickstand. She starts screaming and pointing because I got there first claiming I cut her off. I told her to calm down and stay where she was, I will be out of there quick and she won't lose her place. It took me about 4 minutes to grab a quick fill-up and I pulled out between her and another car and she was able to pull forward to the pump. I pulled into a parking place away from the pumps to put my helmet and gloves back on.

So the morning was a bust as far as doing the Patriot Guard mission. I feel kinda bad since I have not been able to do a PGR mission since last October. I work so many more hours I rarely have a weekday off and when I do there is no mission. Then if there is one on the weekend, I can't go because I am catching up on yard work or other chores. However, I did end up spending more ass time in the saddle of "The Beast" getting a much longer ride on a gorgeous sunny day.


  1. Dude, you should have stopped and bought a lottery ticket.
    Nobody ever gets that lucky when dealing with the DMV.

  2. I'd second Phil, that's one heckuva decent turnaround time for a DMV even after they hose you by not telling you about the appointment requirement.

    Here in Michigan with the covid regs in place, the Secretary of State requires appointments, available only months in advance, and when you arrive at your appointment time you're still waiting for potentially hours. Congrats on getting everything successfully done in one go there.

  3. Took a motorcycle safety course late 2021, successfully completed the driving skills test at a minor league baseball stadium parking lot. The state then waives having to complete the driving test at DMV. Studied the DMV motorcycle online handbook twice, took the written exam on a lark on the way home from work March 2022. Had no appt at DMV, showed up at front door and was logged in by a DMV guy, gave me a number to be called, waited less than 10 minutes and took the written (computer based) exam and passed. From entering DMV building to walking out with paper license was about 45 minutes. Have motorcycle endorsement for first time in my life. Kissed the asphalt parking lot when I got to my car. This is in the state of California. Live here because this is where I was stationed upon retiring from US Navy. Bought a Yamaha MT07 (a hooligan and wheelie bike, I am neither). Already looking to go to something more age appropriate. I am getting old, medicare and social security are knocking on the door, but am still working full time. Buying this motorcycle has changed my life. My co-workers are surprised by this change of life. Jim.


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