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Friday, August 12, 2022

Back On-Line

The RAID* on Mar-A-Lago did not prove to be the potential catalyst for ACW2 that I thought it could be, prompting my going silent. It was targeted at one man, President Donald J. Trump who has the resources and balls to fight those mother fuckers. I do believe it was a test to see if those of us loyal to him would jump. We did not take the fed-dot-gov's "bait." That said, the COMMIES will double down on stupid as they always do. When they start executing these types of RAIDS* on normies that will have nothing to lose, it will be a much different story.

Therefore, all communications have returned to normal.




RAID* The feds are purposely trying to suppress use of that word in this instance. They call it something to do with serving a search warrant. FUCK `EM! Because like they say about black rifles being machine guns...

"If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is surely a duck."


  1. (I believe)….it is The Final Push.

    Oneway or Tuther…
    Black or White…
    Good Or Bad…

    We Shall See.

  2. It's So hard to know if it's now or if they, whoever the Hell they are, are going to continue to sukk the marrow out of our bones or just keep on with the sloow march to the Reset. Maybe They understand that nothing they can do will cause the People to turn their backs on Trump. And they Know what happens when we pit him back in the Oval Office, where he belongs.


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