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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Is The 1st Amendment Dead?

If you're Alex Jones it is. 

So in that context, I offer the following free book for your reading pleasure:

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook (Full .pdf book) published in 2015 by Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek

You see, a book like this comes about due to all the non-transparency, incompetence of investigators, and total secrecy of elements of the investigation. The Kommiecticut state legislature quickly passed special legislation that was immediately signed into law by then Gov. "Emperor Dannel I" Malloy shielding evidence from public review or scrutiny of this and future such events. The official report from the Kommiecticut State Police, available on line for the downloading is so heavily redacted it isn't worth reading. The majority of the Sandy Hook families have become anti-gun zealots, publicly calling for nothing less than full civilian disarmament. But somehow they can become public political figures wanting to limit or abolish a constitutional right, but thou shalt not disagree, debate, or disparage them. I do just that online every opportunity I get.

From 2013 on, when the state passed unconstitutional/intolerable gun control acts, I have declared December 14th "Firearms Appreciation Day" and a day to buy yourself at least one new firearm. There is nothing better than sending in the paperwork to the state with the December 14th date stamped on it.

Interestingly enough, the one and only time I pulled a gun for potential self defense was on Christmas morning 2012, exactly eleven days after Sandy Hook. That story is documented on this page on my blog.

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  1. I remember reading some of the writings by Jim Fetzer, not sure where I found them. But I was impressed by his openness and solid research that so called sceptics find unbelievable. I am not really a conspiracy theorist, I do consider myself more of a fact follower. And if the facts tend to lead in a direction other than that of the powers that be try to push in order to satisfy their agenda.
    I am not convinced that the Sandy Hook shooting was not partially a false flag exploited by governmental entities to achieve their political ends. It might not have been planned, other than planned to be ready to put in to motion when some major event happens, like a mass shooter, or some weather or natural castrophe.
    I am not a Republican nor a Democrat, because to look at the two parties it is hard to tell the difference. I remember when I was a kid, asking my dad, a hardcore Democrat, and a UAW member, as a foundry worker, the difference between the two parties. He told me that Democrats loved to tax and spend, while the Republicans tended to prefer to cut taxes and not do as much governing.
    As I have become old, 62 years old, actually, I have found that my dad who left school at the 8th grade to help support his family, only getting his GED when he entered the Army, was pretty inherently smart. As I became a high school graduate, I faced the same choice of everyone, to enter college or get a job, or the military. I found a job, in a steel factory, melting steel for the remelt industry.
    I had become what my dad was- basically a foundry worker. But the place that I worked was a very long trip down the road from the place that my dad worked at, for over 35 years. I needed not only a working knowledge of basic Algebra, but also of chemistry, along with knowing how to use tools and how to repair some of my own equipment, including welding. To put it mildly, my dad was not very proficient in the use of tools. I had learned on my own, plus I also learned on the job.
    As time went on, I ended up taking some college classes, probably having around a years worth of credits. The biggest problem with trying to get an easier job from the melting shop was that to compensate for not only the steep requirements needed, but the physical part being hot and dangerous, the pay was higher than nearly any of the other factory type of jobs around.
    The strangest thing is that I spent a bit over 35 years working at that place. The same as my dad. On a personal note, Social Security is set up for my age group to pay maximum benefits at age 67. Which would be fine, for an office worker, or a salesman, etc. But for someone like me, who worked my entire life doing physical labor, that is not realistic. My body is just about shot, I had surgery on one elbow, to remove a bone that had broken off, plus to remove chips and other junk from the joint. Now my other elbow is hurting, but since I don't have to do the physical labor anymore, I will try and live with it. But if I had to have been working until I was 67, I could not have done it.


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