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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Instant Disqualification

For every single Kommiecticut Demon-Crap parroting the same promise line in their campaign ads...

"to fight for our democracy"

These morons are either stupid, or practicing purposeful propaganda but either way they are totally wrong. We are not a democracy (meaning mob rule) giving control to 50% + 1, we are a Constitutional Representative Republic. Therefore, if a candidate can't understand Civics 101, they have no business running for office. I wish their opponents would at least call them out on this, but the point slides right by unnoticed.


  1. You know that you're tilting windmills

  2. Someone should tell Stephanie Thomas, who is running for Secretary of State no less, that.

    They should also inform her that while I applaud her mother working two jobs, she did not need to go to the Motor Vehicle office to get a driver's license in order to vote. I. D. needed to vote in Connecticut is ridiculously lax. As a checker at the polls I can tell you I've seen them all.

  3. @Dan Ryan Galt: It was her commercial that I saw last night and again this morning (not the one about her mother, just her standing outside a building yapping) that inspired this post. But they are ALL doing it. Even when you see Demon-Craps on TV news complaining about eeeee-vil Re-Pub-I-Cans, they always say it is destruction of "our democracy."

    I for one, am all in favor of destroying democracy in order to restore The Republic as founded.

  4. Bigus Marcus: You know that it's "tilting at windmills", not "tilting windmills", right?
    --Tennessee Budd


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