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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Time To Bring This Back

 *100 Heads Life Insurance


From the blog Sipsey Street Irregulars (no longer updated but still on-line to enjoy) written by the dearly departed "Dutchman" aka Mike Vanderboegh. This is a long post but worth the read, so RTWT. It was from the post Sandy Hook days when Kommiecticut state government went full Commie on gun control, and we residents were having no part of it. To this day, the Armed Civil Disobedience of non-compliance remains alive and well, with only a few prosecutions of idiots being stupid. Even the picking of "low hanging fruit" never materialized. As The Dutchman used to say, "The proto-tyrants who issued their diktats don’t know whether to defecate or go blind." They are not used to being stood up to and are still frightened into inaction because the consequences would be dire.

So what used to be just a Kommiecticut and NY state problem is now turning into a federal problem for everyone with a rogue ATF and Commie Administration. A nation of tens of millions of armed, committed, and defiant Patriots will keep the federales at bay the same way we have at the state level in Kommiecticut. These are the principles of the Armed Civil Disobedience:


Defend was the newest addition. Be committed to the fact that if the tyrants ever get froggy enough to try forced confiscation, you will meet force with force. I always thought that when the body count on both sides get intolerable, maybe this type of shit would stop.


*100 Heads Life Insurance - for every Patriot life snuffed out by an ATF confiscation goon, IRS agent, or any other armed alphabet agency bureaucrat, 100 fed-dot-gov heads will be taken in return. Two points of The III% Catechism were stated as "no first use of force" and "no targeting of innocents." I contend that the 100 count should be modified to include the family members of such goons, since they will have NO PROBLEM killing YOUR wives, children, other residing family members, and family dogs in the process of "just following orders" to violate your Constitutional Rights. There should NEVER be another Waco or Ruby Ridge allowed to happen unanswered. Timothy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols understood this, however I contend that their body count was too low.


Anonymous said...

I remember hearing a phrase from a wise old former soldier. If you get slapped, toss back a tactical nuke. No such thing as proportional response. Hope people saved their Rhino Rounds from days of old and didn't use them up on the range.

Phil said...

Maybe we will actually get to start with the IRS. Who'dathunkit?

Anonymous said...

It never went away

skybill said...

Hi "G.D.,"
Thx for the post from "Mike," 'had the opportunity to meet with him only a few times... 'Ran into his blog shortly after he started it and remember it well!! Sometimes in about '08 he got a post from someone... no it was not a post it was a "Letter" you know in an envelope with a stamp on it from someone, a former Marine who sighed it with the "M.O.S." numbers for "Scout Sniper" I would have to dig into my archives and Mike's blog to find it but t he author said something to the effect,"Dear Sir, I admire what you are doing ..... and if anyone (They) come to take your head I will take 100 of their heads for them taking yours!!!" Mike said the letter was signed with that M.O.S. and a pencil drawing of a Souix Coup stick..... It took hold of him and he had to take into consideration what to do... as I recall in his post Mike said that "IF that letter got into the "WRONG HANDS" .... take it from there... he made copy's and destroyed the letter.... All this was after he, "Mike" and Dave busted company H. & O. on "Fast and Furious!!!!" Well, time went on and "100 Heads" to have a life of it's own!! Mike had some T-shirts made.. "100 Heads Life Insurance Company!!!" 'Have ONE!! on my shirt hanger!!!!

I can only wonder, but have a pretty good idea of what he'd have to say if he were still with us today!!

Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvat,

PS the post about "The Letter" is in his blog I forget the date but it is in '08... I'll look again to be sure....

skybill said...

Hi G.D.,
The post on Mike's Blog for "100 Heads" is on Saturday, January 24, 2009. 'Only off by a few months... I posted on down a bit .. I'm listed anon. but I signed my post as "Straight Shooter, South River Defense Force, A Militia of One"

In a further post Mike notes the ramifications of the "Letter' getting into the wrong hands!!!!!

Audentes, Fortuna, Iuvt,

Anonymous said...

TPTB had no problems forcing your children to take their poison clotshot.

They deliberately squashed life saving information about ivermectin and hcq.

They continue to devalue your savings and saddle your offspring with debt.

Their families are also liable.