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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Gotta Keep Picking That Scab and Keep The Wound Open

Never allow any real healing from such an event. That would put the brakes on fundraising, political activism, and the scheme for total civilian disarmament.

All over the local news the past couple of days and continuing up to December 14th are the news stories reminding us of the 10th anniversary of Sandy Hook. I will link to none of it, you can dig it up yourselves if you really need to. More importantly to me will be Christmas 2022, which is the tenth anniversary of my own personal defense story.

Sandy Hook Elementary School... where they tell us 26 died. Or did they? See what happened to Alex Jones for questioning such things publicly? FUCK `EM! Here's a link to the full book "No One Died At Sandy Hook." Read it for yourselves. It may or may not just be a work of fiction. But I always ask "why did such a book get published?" I believe it's because of all the secrecy behind the investigation and in the report issued by the Kommiecticut State Police. The secrecy was put in place quickly in the dark of night (as usual) by the state legislature and immediately signed into law by then Governor Emperor Dannel Malloy I. Also, 28 people died that day, NOT JUST THE 26 the media always reports on. The first murder victim was Nancy Lanza, when her mentally ill son killed her to steal her legally purchased and owned firearms. The final victim was the killer himself, Adam Lanza, when he committed suicide at the end. I contend that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 26 28 VICTIMS was actually a victim of the failures of the State of Kommiecticut to act beforehand. They failed Adam, they failed his mother, they failed the 20 students, they failed the six school staff, they failed law enforcement, and they have failed the entire remaining citizens of the state.

As far as the Sandy Hook families and their supposedly "grass roots" organizations for gun safety; no one... and I mean NO ONE that turns so hard from victim or survivor to political activist first and foremost deserves ANY SYMPATHY! Especially when their work becomes dedicated to stripping citizens of their rights based solely on the actions of criminals or the mentally insane. They must be shouted down and thoroughly defeated, because they have said (on video) repeatedly about the 2013 post Sandy Hook gun control "this is only the beginning." They have also been recorded a few times on audio stating they will not stop until all civilians are disarmed nationwide.

Since 2013, I celebrate December 14th as "Firearms Appreciation Day" and have actually purchased a firearm on that calendar date. If for nothing more but to irritate state firearms officials by having to process sale paperwork marked with that date. I urge everyone to celebrate F.A.D. this year by treating themselves to a new firearm and/or use it to make some joyful noise of FREEDOM. I have to work the 14th, otherwise I'd definitely be at the range commemorating the day.


  1. I don't have a personal defense story, but my brother lives out in the country where (for better or worse) people may still leave doors unlocked.
    One morning at about 01:00, county cops knocked on the door and said they were in pursuit of an armed and dangerous suspect and could they look through his out buildings....
    That's when he began to arm up !!

    1. I have lived out in the country for18 years. The only time my doors are unlocked is during the day when I am outside and/or expecting guests. I AM ALWAYS STRAPPED.


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