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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Happy Chickens Are Productive Chickens

Mine get lots of goodies. Cracked corn and freeze dried mealworms for breakfast every morning as long as the weather permits them to be outside. All the insects they can forage for all day long. Over ripe (but NEVER rotten or moldy) fruit and vegetables as long as the items are on the "OK for chickens" list. Earlier today a collection of small pumpkins left over from autumn/Halloween decorations at my wife's work place. I removed the stems and cut them open.

They eat everything but the skin, and in just a couple of days make the skin like a piece of paper on the ground. They do the same with cantaloupe and watermelon. They had a single large pumpkin last week that was from our front yard. Is it any wonder they all come-a-runnin' when they hear the door open and see me coming out? 

Unlike other backyard egg farmers, I get eggs all year `round. That is due to providing them a light source for 15 hours a day. Lights in the coop on a timer that come on before sunrise and shut off after. Natural daylight until sunset and then the balance from the coop light until bed time. Be cautioned, because too much light is not good, and they will begin exhibiting undesirable behaviors.

Below is a comprehensive list of good and bad foods for chickens.

Foods that chickens can or can't eat


  1. Hi, do you know if it is safe to feed rhubarb to chicken. Thanks, Bob

    1. @Anonymous Bob: I added a link at the bottom of the post. Rhubarb is a big NO-NO!

  2. I had chicken in Reno when I lived there and had 8 hens of various breeds and it was a hoot when they cornered a scorpion, all the girls would encircle and peck at the stinger to pull it off and when that stinger came off it was a free for all, better then a MMA tournament! Another was watching them gobble up baby rattlesnakes and bull snakes when they came out in the spring. With the feed and treats like you give and the ants, crickets, scorpions and other critters they caught was the best damn eggs I have ever had. I had goats and donkeys and they would feed off the mineral and salt blocks and scarf up goat feed as well.


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