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Monday, December 12, 2022

Racism In Meteorology?

So we got our first snowfall yesterday afternoon and evening. I received 4" of powder that I removed with my new Stihl leaf blower. All 300' of the driveway and the turnaround done in 45 minutes cleaner than with my snowblower. As usual after a storm the fresh snowpack, clear skies, and no wind means plummeting temperatures. Combined with any melting that occurred in the bright sun today creates black ice.

The "racism" comes from the way certain TV meteorologists warn about black ice. The way they say it sounds like "watch out for black guys." It cracks me up after every winter storm year after year.

Somebody should let Jackson, Sharpton, and Benjamin Crump know so they can file lawsuits.


  1. The next door neighbor was out blowing snow too this morning before daylight. I think his wife stepped out and hollered at him to shut it down.


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