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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Reason Is F.N.!

So the indigenous population of the Demon-Crap controlled shithole city in the Demon-Crap controlled shithole state that is Buffalo, NY have decided that a dangerous winter storm is the perfect opportunity to go on a looting spree.


I mean why not, right? They deserve to get what they want, because as Hizzoner Da Mayor pointed out, they are not stealing essentials to survive.

 Funny, why der no whypeepo in that store? 

"F.N."... THAT'S WHY!


What does "F.N." mean? I think you can probably figure it out. Here's a hint: a shithole city's violence and crime problem is directly proportional to the percentage of F.N.'s that occupy it. 

If there is a "Korea Town" in Buffalo, they need to get to the rooftops.



  1. T.N.B.
    This is exactly why I say that anytime there is more than one* gathered in a single spot, chances are high that violence will erupt.

    *Note: Even alone, there's still a chance of violence.

  2. I wonder what the liberal Democrats would do if a business owner would spend the night in his or her store, with a riot gun, waiting for the FN's to make an unscheduled stop to pick up free Christmas Gifts for the little ones?
    I suspect that we all know the answer to that. Myself, I think that the business owner should have the right to protect their property and their income stream through whatever means needed, up to and including 00 buckshot. No doubt, if they tried that, the looting would stop, until the police got there, to arrest the owner, take them to jail, and leave the store to the rest of the gang of FN's.
    I don't leave my home without my carry gun anymore. It used to be reasonable to go to the corner convenience store to get milk without being armed. But now, you just don't know where thugs will gather.

  3. Good for NY, they get the rules by those they allow to be selected.

    1. @Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth when there are no longer any stores of any kind in the area.


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