Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree?

Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Thursday, January 26, 2023


Is not for me. Researching, critical thinking, stating my OWN opinions, trial and error, and writing of all kinds is terrific mental exercise. Editing, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, and correct spelling are time consuming, yes, at times. But when I have a stream of consciousness spewing forth from my fingertips, I get just as lost in my thoughts as I do reading a good book. Throwing an idea into an AI program and accepting what comes out is not me. I even enjoy the painstaking task of writing technical documentation and used to write them for previous employers. I have written my own for things like my generator and reloading pistol and rifle ammo.

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