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Friday, May 26, 2023

Doctor Visit Today

Unfortunately not for my knee injury. It was my annual physical with my PCP. A couple of items of interest.

The doctor's office I go to is located in a small office park a couple of towns over. It is a desigated *GFDZ, complete with the signage stating as such and offering the false sense of safety to the employees and patients. I on the other hand, completely ignore such stupidity and waltz right in carrying my concealed firearm. Do you know what? There was no mass murder! Not a surprise really since I am not a violent murderer. As much as I would love to school those people about how useless their policy and ghey little sign in the door is; especially if the enraged jealous ex-husband of one of the girls in the office shows up to kill her and anyone that gets in his way, I just keep my mouth shut. I'm secure in my knowledge of my concealed firearm and ability to use it should the need arise. When I stripped off my clothes I carefully laid my pants on the chair keeping my firearm holstered, safe, and concealed. 

The good thing is they have finally gotten rid of their stupid mask mandate. There wasn't a face diaper to be seen on anyone.

When I checked in, the girl behind the desk handed me a clipboard with several forms on it. She told me they were verifying and updating information. The first sheet was demographics, contact, and insurance info. There... below my name, address, birthday, and SSN were two empty blanks to fill in. My gender assignment and my preferred pronouns. Uh... FUCK NO!! Since there was just a space to write in your answer, I wrote the following:

Your Gender Identity: NO MENTAL ILLNESS!

Your Preferred Pronouns: I'M NOT PLAYING!

I filled out the rest of the papers and put that top one in the middle and handed the clipboard in. I did not stick around for a reaction. Perhaps that will earn me a visit from law enforcement for engaging in thought crime and hate speech.



*GFDZ = Gun Free Death Zone


  1. Going to be difficult with the MIR and your sidearm..... Or very interesting !

    1. I had the MRI last Wednesday. Too dangerous an environment and no place to privately securely my firearm. I preemptively made the right choice of locking it up in my truck before I went in. I strapped it right back on in the parking lot before I left.

  2. Around here the medical folks ask about safety at home. I always answer, yeap! Because the next question is; are there weapons?
    My doc is ex-military and doesn't cave in to all that harvesting of information.

    1. @Steve: I always tell them I refuse to answer any such question for SafeSECS (OpSEC, InfoSEC, PerSEC, and CommSEC) because there is no 100% guarantee that info is secure. Plus fed.gov has access to all of our medical records, and those bastards are the last people I want to give any kind of extra info to.

    2. Oh you are soooo correct in "...there is no 100% guarantee that info is secure". Any wonder why the medical industry was cajoled into using "Electronic Medical Records" (EMR) by the oblamo government?
      It's simple easier to hack into your records that way. How do I know? I worked as an ER nurse for 20 years and before that an EMT-I/firefighter for 11.
      When the odingle-berry government forced the medical industry to go to EMR; it wasn't for ease of patient care. It was for an open window on your use of the medical industry.
      That way they can curtail the amount of money they will spend on your healthcare. OR, they can track those that didn't get the jab-er-eno!
      And guess what? That steaming pile of stank called the obingo care act is STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND?!!!??!
      Wonder when the repubs are going to launch an assault against that gem?!?!?! But as they say; don't hold your breath.


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