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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

They Are Trying So Hard

To light off ACW2 that is, but American Patriots are not taking their bait. More on that in a moment.

Trump Indicted a 4th Time

Supposedly for election interference by doing nothing more than publicly questioning Georgia's methods and results. He did not block access to, flood, or kill the electricity to polling places. He did not stuff ballot boxes. He did not find ballot boxes in the trunk of his car or steal them. He did not falsify vote counts. He told the Georgia Secretary of State on a phone call he needed 11,700 votes in order to win and to find them, NOT MAKE THEM.

So this poses a question... why hasn't that fat loser Stacey Abrams been indicted? After all, she called into question the legitimacy of the 2018 and the 2022 elections where she lost the governor's race. Here's why:

[X] Woman 

[X] of color

[X] Demon-Crap

Yup, that's it.... three big check boxes and the American (In)justice system could not care less. But Donald Trump, oh not only is he a male, white, and Republican, but he had the gall to go after and expose the big government swamp monster for all to see. That is why he must be taken down. Donald Trump will eventually come out on top as he ALWAYS DOES, so no need for Patriots to "rescue" The Republic and take the bait for ACW2. No, we will continue to wait until the Commies in power lose their patience and strike first. Probably when they see their precious assaults on the Second Amendment either fail completely, or continue to be ignored and not complied with (bump stocks and pistol braces for example). Or like at the state level where non-compliance with Kommiecticut's own magazine and "assault weapon" ban is 85% and private gun sales continue unabated with no state authorization (registration), and is a reported 95% non-compliance in NY. These are not official numbers because A) the tyrants do not have any type of accurate firearms count, and B) they have refused to release their official estimates since 2013.


Then it will be go time. All privately owned "arms" will instantly become "Weapons of WAR" and those that just wanted to be left alone will get involved. The tyrant's enforcers need to realize that they have families as well, and perhaps should resign from their posts before its too late.



Good luck with those F-15's, Jack! You fucking fed clowns could not even beat 7th century goat herders that had no navy, air force, standing army, or nukes. But they had one unifying ideal that we Patriots also have... 

they hated YOU!

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