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Monday, August 14, 2023

Wanna People Watch? HOLY CRAP!

As I wrote in yesterday's post, my wife and I were headed to Foxwoods Resort Casino for our anniversary dinner. Our dinner reservation was for 6 PM so we decided to go a couple of hours early. Because it had been so long since I had been there, I was not up on their security procedures. Since Foxwoods is on sovereign tribal land, the carrying of weapons is verboten and my state pistol permit is not honored. That never stopped me before, but I did not want any hassles of having to pass though metal detectors and instead have to return to my vehicle to secure a firearm. I opted for my Blackie Collins "CIA Letter Opener" poly-carbonate blade that I have carried for other such circumstances. In my weak side pocket I had my Gerber money clip holding several hundred dollars that has a hidden blade inside. The blade is small but razor sharp and will lay a person open pretty good. It turns out nothing had changed since the last time I was at Foxwoods. I could have carried concealed and not had an issue unless I needed to use it.

Blackie Collins "CIA Letter Opener" with paracord lanyard

Gerber GDC Money Clip and Knife


Apparently, every Sunday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM they have something called the "Wave Foxwoods Day Party" that requires advance tickets (costing $60) and over 21 only. I can tell you right now, this is not something I would ever consider attending. When we arrived, the whole complex was swarming with dindus and bubble-butts adorned in their finest swim wear. Please, someone point out to me any man that thinks glued-on eyelashes an inch long or longer is some kind of attraction? Because I need to have a talk with this fool. And ladies.... just don't! Thankfully, the majority of pool party attendees all cleared out when the event ended at 5 PM.

While that got rid of the potential troublemakers starting mob riots or the senseless violence they are well known for, there were plenty of individuals there to give the place "character." If you think the people that shop at WalMart are freaks, well WalMart ain't got nothin' on a casino. We walked by people on the casino floor sitting at machines that they probably haven't moved from in days. One guy was slouching in the chair with the telltale "Depends" bulge in the front of his pants. And so many people gambling that most likely have no business blowing their money in that way. I can't fathom the mindset it takes to be afraid to walk away because they're sure the machine is just about to pay off. Then there are the different ways people are dressed. I was dressed in business casual and my wife wore a pretty floral warm weather dress. There were people walking around dressed like total slobs. Then there were those that looked like characters from "Jersey Shore" or "The Sopranos." There was also the women.... dressed in revealing or form flattering wear. Short tight skirts that barely covered their coochie and allowed the peek-a-boo fanny shot. While I was noticing the very fit blonde walking by in a skin-tight exercise outfit, my wife spotted another in a sheer blouse, out there for all to see. Dang! How did I miss that one? We spent our before dinner time window shopping in the Tanger Outlet's mall area. My wife spotted a small orange handbag at the Kate Spade outlet store she thought our daughter might like for Christmas. I told her she should just go in the store, grab one, and walk out because that's how people shop now. Wifey was not amused.

I don't personally gamble. I flat out refuse. The odds are always in the house's favor and I would rather keep my money than willingly give it up. Megabucks jackpot is $1.5B? Nope, I will keep the $2 in my pocket which is a sure thing rather than take a single chance that is practically zero to win. The lottery is nothing more than a voluntary sucker's tax anyway. The only exception to gambling is when I am absolutely right about something and someone disagrees telling me to "put my money where my mouth is." In that case I am more than happy to take their money for being stupid. My wife on the other hand, likes to play just a little. She will buy the Megabucks or Powerball ticket for a huge jackpot. Last night after dinner she spent a whole $20 on one video slot machine, and at one point had won a whole 85 cents when she was already down $10. She continued to play until she was down to her last nickel and could not play any more. She cashed out laughing and gave the nickel credit slip to the woman a couple of machines over. I told her the go to the cashier and actually get a nickel coin for a souvenir. It was a nice long walk back to the parking garage which felt good after a big meal. We got home a little before 8:30 PM

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