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Thursday, October 5, 2023

I Could Not Just Let This Go Unanswered

From my Twitter timeline until the Newtown Hoplophobes block or report me, but it will live here forever. Up first, the original post:

I despise the whole premise of phony gun "buy backs" and in some states, guys will set up right across the street from the buy back with tables and large signs offering cash for guns. They may be dealers or just private citizens. In Kommiecticut, they would definitely find a reason to arrest you for trying that even if you were a FFL dealer. So I decided to act virtually on Twitter with this response:


If you look at the responses to the original tweet, every single one is negative and many are downright vicious. Tough shit to them. They are nothing but a political machine that only has one purpose, infringing on The Second Amendment rights of peaceable citizens. Nothing they ever propose will ever have any effect on the criminal use of firearms. NOTHING!!

Most of the guns they receive at these fake buy backs get are from people that end up with them from an estate and they don't want them. But in a lot of cases they have no idea what they have. I have two handguns that came to me indirectly by this route that I paid $200 for both. One is a 1958 vintage Colt Woodsman, the other is a verified 1935 Smith and Wesson K-22 Outdoorsman. Together they are worth about $2500. I did not know at the time just thinking they were just shooters, in fact I do shoot them. If you have ever seen the photo-ops from these buy back events and the firearms they receive, you will pick out some pretty rare and valuable firearms that will either be destroyed or end up in some cop's personal collection.


  1. I like what the kid in NYC did , he fired up his 3D printer and made a bunch of glock style frames and turned them in . for about 50 bucks worth of filament he scored a couple grand and pissed off the people that set up the event. "No Questions asked" make a shotgun (or however many you choose to) out of a hunk o pipe and a 2x4 ...

    1. I'm pretty sure the 3D printing stunt has been done here in Kommiecticut, too. And they ended up running the event out of money. Fucking hilarious!

  2. Replies
    1. HA! As if he knows an insignificant shit-poster like me


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